The World's Longest Steady State Operation in Spherical Tokamak History

Our study of long pulse Tokamak dicharge is a novel step to realize steady state nuclear fusion reactor. The world's longest duration (more than two hours) of tokamak operation has been achieved through RF plasma heating and particle control. The high temperature wall simulating fusion reactor condition is our original method to control particle balance.

The World-Leading Non-Inductive Current Drive Experiment

We have achieved plasma current of over 90 kA by injecting electron cyclotron wave as it strongly interacts with energetic electrons going around the torus. High power microwave tube (Gyrotron) and large-size forcusing mirror were the key tools we have developed. The RF start-up current approaching 100 kA is the world’s record for sperical tokamak. This result will contribute to develop a plasma start-up scenario not only for sperical tokamak but also for tokamak.


October 2023

International Master's Program (Enrollment: Apr 1st) Course taught in English